Cathy Gratz, the talent behind SPIRITUAL GEMS!

SG 1Cathy Gratz has long roots in the Greenville area. Originally from a little farming community   in Denver, NC just outside of Charlotte, Cathy has called Greenville home for the past 22 years.  Her father grew up in Easley, so her  family has been in this area since she can remember. “It has always felt like home to me”, says Cathy. SG 3

Attracted by the beautiful colors of stones, Cathy tried her hand at making a few pieces of jewelry.  Her impulse became stronger when by chance she was reading Proverbs 31 that describes a wife who is more precious than rubies. An image popped into her head of a visual translation of that verse as a bracelet.  As Cathy describes it, “This opened the floodgates and I’ve been creating jewelry ever since.”  And thus the name Spiritual Gems was born! These original pieces are her “signature” collection and remain very close to her heart.

SG 5Cathy has been making jewelry for close to 7 years, creating rustic, eclectic leather, silver and gemstone jewelry. Early in her career-making journey, she was encouraged to sell her pieces by friends who were the lucky recipients of her pieces as gifts. As all artisans can understand, turning her hobby into a business was a step out of her comfort zone.

SG 2But she hasn’t looked back!  For Cathy, creating Spiritual Gems is fulfilling, jewelry is the means by which she feeds her creative impulses.  The ideas first appear in her head and then she searches for a combination of materials to assist the idea to materialize.


Sg 7Cathy states, “I can’t imagine not having my art.  I don’t think anyone who is creative is capable of not having that creative outlet.  I think our minds are always creating, if I wasn’t making jewelry, it would be something else.  I don’t think it is possible to stop.”

Cathy’s connection to each piece is evident, “There is a part of me in every piece of jewelry I create.”   So much so, that there are some pieces that are difficult to sell because she feels a strong attachment! But sharing her work is equally fulfilling, knowing that someone else will love and cherish her unique pieces as much as she does. SG 12

Visit Cathy at Spiritual Gems and the other uniquely talented vendors at this month’s Savvy ReStyle Market.





SG 11


SG 6


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