Meet Dianne Chaney of SO ME!

Dianne SO MEWhen Dianne Chaney and her husband left Sussex County New Jersey 8 years ago on a quest for a warmer climate, they couldn’t help but fall in love with the beauty of Greenville South Carolina. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave their family home, especially with children and grandchildren living nearby, but faith and prayer helped guide the way! The good news is Dianne’s son and family followed, moving to Charleston SC three years ago.


White ChairsOn one fateful visit with her son they visited some of the charming re-style markets, a first for Dianne, and she was hooked! She returned home with a few decor items (second hand of course), heaps of inspiration and her newly realized creative soul in full gear. Even her business name was chosen while in Charleston. As Dianne says, “All I could think of was that’s SO ME.  I have been doing my craft of refurbishing furniture for a year now. I like to mix vintage along with shabby chic, it’s just SO ME”. When you see Dianne’s work it is hard to believe it has only been one year since she began creating!   But it doesn’t stop with furniture. Clearly a natural Dianne also likes to sew and add finishing touches to pillows, chair cushions, children’s dresses, the list is endless!


Yellow Side TableWhen asked as to why Dianne decided to join the Savvy Restyle Market, she responded, “ I always felt I had a business and creative side to me but could never reconcile them together.   It fulfills me on a completely different level! I get to be involved with other crafters, which I love and make money to share with my ten grandkids. There is always a birthday, graduation, and sometimes just a lovely gift to buy.” Lucky grandkids!


two chairsAs if owning a part-time business and upcycling wonderful furniture isn’t enough, Dianne works at her church doing child care so the moms can take part in bible studies. She also substitutes at a nearby school for preschoolers. A retired teacher after working in the same school for over 25 years, Dianne shares her experience and joy of teaching through the nurturing of 3-4 year olds in a Christian school “sharing the love of Jesus”.   Dianne’s mantra for this new creative adventure is inspiring; “My journey now is to dream big, love more, share my smile and pray often.”


Blue TableCome visit Dianne, her winning smile and her booth SO ME! at this month’s market. See what all the fuss is about!






SO ME Booth




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