Greer Opry Welcomes Savvy ReStyle Market!

March Opry Market

Savvy Restyle Market has taken us to some interesting buildings, each with a story reflecting the sense of community that vendors and market goers expect each month.

The Greer Opry House is no exception! Originally owned by the late Ernest Harvey, the Greer Opry House is still owned and operated by his family and widow Peggy, along with her new husband Robert Stewart. Ernest was a well known figure in the country music business, with connections to the best of the industry. It is in his honor and with his original vision intact, that the Greer Opry house continues to operate. ‘Good clean entertainment for the whole family!’


photo 4 (1)The space is ideal for this month’s pop-up market. Originally a roller skating rink, the old oak floor, canteen with wooden booths, memorabilia adorned walls and signed photos of the ‘greats’ enhance the ambiance of this Greer gem. And its historical significance beautifully reflects the Savvy Restyle Market’s commitment to honor our past while building for our future.


Our Market begins with community. Each Artisan has his or her own story, as do the buildings we occupy as well as our shoppers and supporters. Each month we come together, creating new stories to pass down the generations.


Come be a part of our Story! We promise you a memorable shopping experience.


Our March Madness Savvy Restyle Market will be located at Greer Opry House @ 107 Cannon St, Greer near the front entrance of the City Park.

Savvy ReStyle Market

FRIDAY MARCH 6th: Noon – 7:00pm, SATURDAY MARCH 7th: 10am – 4pm.



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